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Back from Black - Study and deployment of the affordable scrubber retro fitting technology for SME shipowners

This Maritime Action 2014-EU-TM-0379-M has been performed under the Connecting Europe Facility from January 2014 to June 2017.

The Action has demonstrated, deployed and disseminated an economic and environmentally viable technology to help to comply the sulphur regulations for maritime transport.

The Action introduced on the market a new product to tackle exhaust gas abatement and wash water cleaning technology by piloting and prototyping the installation of the hybrid scrubber (with possibility to switch between closed and open loop) on two vessels. In addition, existing maritime links located on a core corridor, were upgraded with the technology piloted and improved port efficiency.

The project also developed a comprehensive supply network for development and exploitation of the technology piloted, creating business that not only helps European ship owners and their customers to tackle the new regulations in a sustainable and affordable way, but also brings along jobs and competitiveness to the European marine cluster.

Back from Black brings the bright sky back again!